For the first time, the Green party is hitting the airwaves with election commercials.

Most of the TV commercials feature Green Leader Elizabeth May sitting aboard a train and talking off-the-cuff about her policies.

The advertisements were filmed while May crossed the country on a whistle-stop train trip earlier in the five-week campaign.

In one spot, she criticizes political campaigns for becoming more about "running the most flawless day, who controlled their message" than speaking to the people.

"It was about being packaged and sold like a tube of toothpaste," she says.

The advertisements are being broadcast on all the major Canadian networks.

May scored the first coup for the Greens when she secured the party's first member of parliament, Blair Wilson of  the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding, a former Liberal turned Independent who joined the party days before the election was called.

She also managed to secure a spot in the national televised leaders' debates, despite initial objections from Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Jack Layton.