Gov. can't recall dangerous candies

A jelly candy is still for sale in Canada even though its blamed for the choking deaths of 13 people around the world.

The candies are called Mini-cups. They come in plastic cups the size of coffee creamers.

Mini-cups are produced in Asia and sold under several brands.

Last week the Canadian Food Inspection Agency alerted consumers that the products may pose a choking hazard for children and elderly people.

It didn't issue a full-blown recall because under the Food and Drug Act, it doesn't have the power to do so.

The agency can only regulate the ingredients in or on foods that are dangerous.

The candies are made out of a gelatin called konjac or glucomannan. Its harder than other kinds of gelatin and so can more easily get stuck in someone's throat.

Last April, a young girl died in Toronto after choking on the Mini-cups. Eight people in Japan and 2 children in Taiwan have died after choking on the candy.