Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion answers questions at MuchMusic during a campaign stop in Toronto Wednesday. ((Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press))

It's not everyday you see a federal party leader sitting on a box filled with toys, introducing a music video, but Stéphane Dion did just that on MuchMusic late Wednesday.

The Liberal leader answered questions during a 30-minute interview and posed for pictures with supporters — all in an attempt to court the youth vote.

"Be part of this choice," Dion told the few dozen young people on the music channel's set in downtown Toronto at the corner of John Street and Queen Street West.

Dressed in a suit, the former professor sat on a clear box filled with balls and stuffed animals while addressing his audience. 

"It's your future that's at risk; it's your future that's at stake. Go vote!" Dion said.

At one point, he mentioned protection for pensions, but he garnered more interest when answering questions on the environment, post-secondary education and arts funding.

He cited the Liberal plan to make sure all students are eligible for a $5,000 student loan regardless of parental income and an extension on the grace period for repayment from six months to two years.

One viewer wanted to know whether Dion was a hard or easy marker during his days as a professor.

"I think I was fair and demanding, but demanding for myself," he said, adding that teaching is the "best profession on this planet."

With files from the Canadian Press