Glowatski given life sentence

Warren Glowatski will serve out his sentence for killing Reena Virk in a federal penitentiary. A judge has sentenced the 18 year old Victoria youth to life in prison.

In a stern, almost lecturing tone, Justice Malcolm Macauley spoke directly to Warren Glowatski. "Violence is not a recreational activity", he said, adding "the death of Reena Virk and the shattered lives, including yours, are a testimony to that".

Earlier this month, Macauley found Glowatski guilty of second-degree murder. The judge said Glowatski was a participant in the brutal beating and drowning of the 14 year old and his only motive seemed to be anger at the break-up of his own family. Today, the judge asked Glowatski if he had anything to say about the crime. Standing with his head bowed, Glowatski mumbled, "nothing at this time."

No sooner had the judge sentenced Glowatski to serve out his time in a federal prison than defense lawyers filed an appeal of the decision.