A Glace Bay, N.S., family has been living in a tent for a week and a half after the apartment they were living in was declared unfit to live in by the Cape Breton Regional Municipality due to sewage and electrical problems.

The family cannot access emergency housing from the province’s Department of Community Services because there aren’t any units available right now.

The family is frustrated by the situation.

“I’m a 37-year-old woman, you know, trying to raise my kids and I can’t provide for them and it’s no fault of my own and it’s not fair,” said Cathy Trout. “You know, I feel my human rights have been violated here and no one cares.”

She says when the family needs to shower, they use a neighbour’s bathroom.

Trout is living in the tent with her partner David MacNeil and their 12-year-old daughter Jessica MacNeil. Their son is staying with friends.

The family lost many belongings in a flood, such as a teddy bear Jessica has had since she was a newborn, as well as her toys and clothing. Jessica is now wearing her mother’s clothes.

MacNeil feels the family’s efforts to find assistance are falling on deaf ears.

“We go everywhere, we try to get somebody to help us and it’s like they tell us it’s not their mandate or they’re not authorized to talk to that other organization,” he said.

Trout says the family is looking for another apartment it can afford on social assistance.