Girl has been missing one year, still no clues

It has been one year since Julie Surprenant disappeared on her way home in Terrebonne, Que. Hundreds of leads, a $40,000 reward, and the work of private detectives have all failed to determine her whereabouts.

The police have received more than 1,200 tips about what might have happened to Julie Surprenant. Sret du Qubec Constable Grard Carrier says all of them have been carefully checked out, but there's still no major breakthrough in the case.

Carrier says the police now have to go back to that night a year ago when the 16-year-old disappeared.

Carrier says the key to solving this case is finding the two men who were at the bus shelter.

"We're not talking about suspects, we're talking about witnesses -- important witnesses -- who were at the shelter when Julie got off the bus. And those two people never got in touch with the Sret du Qubec," he says.

Carrier says with all the publicity about the girl's disappearance, he has no doubt that the men know they're being sought. Their sketches have appeared in newspapers and on television.

He's asking the public to provide whatever information they can about these men.

Michel Surprenant, Julie's father, has been unhappy with the work that police have done on this case, and has hired his own detectives.