Gillian Guess loses appeal of jail sentence

Flamboyant ex-juror Gillian Guess will remain behind bars, for now. The B.C. Court of Appeal has unanimously dismissed an appeal by Guess to have her sentence reduced.

Guess had been sentenced to 18 months in prison for obstruction of justice. She had been convicted of having an affair with accused murderer Peter Gill, while sitting on the jury hearing his case.

Guess's lawyer told the Appeal Court judges on Thursday the affair was stupid, and admitted her "common-sense switch was off" at the time. He argued that her irresponsiblity did not merit a jail sentence.

Butcher asked the court to replace jail with a two-year conditional sentence and probation. He said that way, the courts could control Guess's behaviour for five years.

Guess began her jail term last month after losing an appeal of her conviction. Her lawyer isn't sure whether she would appeal Thursday's decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.