What the Ghomeshi and Cosby cases mean to men

The Sunday night panel of The National looks back on the past year and a half — discussing how the Ghomeshi, Cosby and other cases might have changed how men view and discuss sexual assault.

The National's Sunday night panel looks back on an intense 18 months in sexual politics

It's been an intense year and a half of revelations, accusations, and discussions about sexual assault. We've heard from women about their experiences. And we've heard from many experts. But what about men? 13:20

From the accusations against Bill Cosby and the FHRITP phenomenon to the recent trial and acquittal of Jian Ghomeshi, it's been an intense year and a half in sexual politics — marked by revelations, accusations and discussions about sexual assault.

Women have shared their stories and many experts have weighed in. But what about men? What have they taken away from the discussion?

During the Sunday night panel of The National, Jonathan Kay, editor-in-chief of The Walrus magazine, Esquire writer Stephen Marche and Elamin Abdelmahmoud of BuzzFeed Canada sat down with host Wendy Mesley about what, if anything, has changed for men.

"'Eye-opening' is one word for it," said Marche, reflecting on the number of women who came forward, whether in court or in broader conversation, about their experiences with sexual assault. "But I think more it's also confusing and humbling — how little I knew, how little I still know." 

But it was expressions of surprise that Abdelmahmoud found surprising. 

"Women have been writing about this for decades," he told the panel.