Gerich is trucking to keep up fraud payments

A former MLA says he is "getting on with his life", after dealing with his role in the Tory fraud scandal. John Gerich was once a cabinet minister. He was convicted of fraud in 1997. Today Gerich is paying off his restitution order, by working as a truck driver in the Alberta oilpatch.

Gerich was found guilty of taking money illegally from his MLA's communications allowance. He was ordered to pay 12-thousand dollars in restitution.

Today, the one-time economic development minister hopes to put that experience behind him.

"What a person's got to do is go on with life," he says. "That's what I have done. I sold my farm, and moved to Alberta, I'm working, have a good job, paying my bills. And I'm healthy. What more could I ask for, you know."

Gerich is one of several convicted Tories ordered to pay restitution. Most of them have already paid up, in full.