From Affleck to Clooney to West, which Batman is best?

Warner Bros. has that actor-director Ben Affleck will star as a new incarnation of Batman in a film bringing the Dark Knight and Superman together. Who's your favourite actor in the role of Batman and his alter ego, playboy Bruce Wayne, in film or television?

Batman role has featured in film and TV for 70 years

News that Ben Affleck has signed on play Batman in the upcoming Superman sequel to Man of Steel means the 41-year-old actor-director joins a long list of actors who have donned the pointy-eared suit. 

The movie is to be directed by Zach Snyer and released in July 2015.

Previous portrayers of Batman include Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney.

Most recently, Christian Bale played the role in Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Which Batman actor is your favourite?