Freighter accident closes Welland Canal

The Welland Canal may be open to marine traffic by late Monday. The canal has been closed since Saturday night, when a mechanical bridge lowered onto a freighter.

Lynn Roach was in her house, which backs onto the canal, when it happened.

"We were getting ready to leave for dinner when we heard the boat giving a signal with its whistle," she says. "We heard a crunching sound and ran outside in time to hear the boat coming through the bridge. The bridge came down on the back of the boat and seemed to shear off the area where the captain sits."

The Windoc collided with the Allanburg Life Bridge, losing most of its super-structure in the process. An explosion and fire followed, with fire crews battling the blaze on both sides of the canal.

Two people sustained minor injuries.

The transportation safety board is still investigating the cause of the accident. They say the bridge sustained millions of dollars worth of structural damage and it may be a while before people in Allanburg are able to use the bridge for vehicle traffic.