Foster Dad faces child pornography charges

A man facing child pornography charges was a foster parent.

Howard Krupp, a computer programmer who lives on Montreal's West Island, has been charged with possession, production and distribution of child pornography.

Krupp was a foster parent for Batshaw Youth and family services, and there was a foster child under his care when police started investigating him.

Krupp was checked out

Krupp and his wife were screened by Bathshaw, and nothing unusual turned up. A ten-year-old boy was placed in their care, and lived with them until October, 1999, when Batshaw took him out of the Krupp's home, and closed it to foster care.

The head of Batshaw won't say why, but it came on the heels of Howard Krupp's legal troubles.

Last September, a police officer working in New Hampshire, specializing in tracking child pornography tracked 12,000 files to Krupp's computer. The files contained pornographic images of three young boys.

The American officer contacted Montreal police, and after a six month investigation, Krupp was arrested. He appeared in court on Monday.

Organization received no complaints

Batshaw stands by its screening process, saying it never received complaints by the foster child in his care. It says police haven't advised the organization if any of the pornographic pictures found on Krupp's computer were of his foster son.