Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to win primaries, winning in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina Tuesday night.

The only way for another GOP candidate to win the nomination is to prevent Trump from winning a majority of delegates before the party convention in Cleveland in July and to take the vote on a second or third ballot. 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton won at least four states, dealing a severe blow to Bernie Sanders' bid to slow her march toward the Democratic nomination.

Sanders is unlikely to overtake Clinton in the delegate count, but could wage a campaign to convince Democrat superdelegates, who are free to support the candidate of their choice, to change their vote. 

But the odds are heavily against the front-runners in either party being defeated now. 

Do Trump and Clinton have this in the bag? Here's how the conversation went:

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"Trump and Sanders are flipsides of the same anti-establishment coin. Is it really a surprise that the American people are flocking to Trump (and to some extent Sanders)? The elites have been ripping off the American people for decades, and Trump is the first serious contender to challenge them." — Captain Harbatkin

"The navel gazing by the media is akin to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. In December even our 14-year-old son knew it would be Trump vs. Clinton." — Tom Aaron 

"I think that Trump still has a fight on his hands. Hillary has her side locked. America is in big trouble no matter which of these two get in. Hillary being just a little scarier than Trump." — Infidel 

"Trump needs to score big in remaining contests. There are 1079 delegates up for grabs. With 661 in hand he needs 576 of those 1079 — almost 60 per cent — to avoid the convention where he will most certainly lose." — northstar10

"I am happy to see that the results of the primaries at this point are indicating a frustration with the Republican party. Trump is doing an excellent job of dismantling an establishment by enraging the grass roots members of the establishment. Finally someone who is using a chainsaw to cut the trunk not starting by pruning the top." — Happy with the results 

"Clinton has it unless she's indicted. Trump will have a much harder time. He won't have 50 per cent of the delegates, no one will. It's going to the convention and it's going to be messy." — political junkie 

"They certainly have their nominations nailed. Trump is the best Republican choice, of the selection offered, but Clinton is a big mistake. Sanders is a much better choice. Clinton seems desperate to get in power no matter what, a career politician to a T, never the best choice for a nation." — refraction 

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