Former Nova Scotia premier has cancer

Former N.S. premier John Savage has inoperable cancer

Former Nova Scotia premier John Savage has been diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer.

He told reporters he's in no pain at the moment, and will meet specialists this week to explore other treatment options. Those could include chemotherapy or radiation.

"I continue to do my garden, I'm playing a little golf, transplanting a few things. Obviously I'm talking very regularly to my kids," he said.

Savage has seven grown children living in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Savage said he got the news three weeks ago after tests into blood loss.

Further tests showed the cancer had already spread to other organs, making surgery impossible.

Savage said he's had to scale back some of his professional duties. As a doctor, he has been acting as a health policy consultant to Russia and providing AIDS education to youth in Gambia. He said he hopes he can go back to Gambia at some point.