Canadian soldiers cast advance ballots in a mess tent at a remote forward operating base in Afghanistan. ((Bob Weber/Canadian Press) )

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan were voting Saturday in the federal election at advance polls in Kandahar and at remote forward operating bases.

"I'm here to fight for democracy, and I want to make sure that I get to practise it as well," said Maj. Ross Allan. His home riding is Ottawa Centre, but he cast his ballot at Kandahar Airfield.

And although the war in Afghanistan hasn't been a major issue in the campaign, it is for the soldiers in the country.

"From a political standpoint, the government has made the decision for us to be here and it's a mission that I believe in 150 per cent," said Sgt. Michael Swaby.

 At a forward operating base, soldiers voted in the mess tent, some just hours after battling the Taliban.

About 75 per cent of those at the base cast a ballot over the last week.

Elections Canada arranged for ballots to be delivered to the base, and also directories so soldiers can locate their riding and the candidates who are running.

The soldiers' ballots will be sealed, flown to Ottawa and delivered to Elections Canada. They'll be counted on election day.

There are about 2,500 Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

With files from the Canadian Press