Fast ferry project poorly planned says Auditor General

Glen Clark may be gone from the premier's office, but he's far from forgotten. Today he was one of the prime targets in a scathing report from Auditor General George Morfitt.

Morfitt says the fast ferry project Clark launched as minister was poorly planned and mismanaged.

Now B.C. Ferries is left with three fast cats that may end up losing money. It's perhaps the most damning report the auditor general has ever issued.

George Morfitt says flatly the fast ferry project was mismanaged from the start.

It was launched in 1994 by then minister Glen Clark. Morfitt blames Clark and the Crown Corporation Secretariat for going ahead without sufficient information or analysis.

Construction began in 1996 when Glen Clark was premier and Dan Miller the minister responsible. Workers were on the job even though the design was incomplete, contracts hadn't been signed and there was no business plan.

Morfitt says the budget of $210-million and the timetable were both unrealistic.

But he says senior executives at B.C. Ferries misled the board about the problems.