Doug Woodburn may appeal a court ruling that rejects his claim to a farm expropriated by the National Capital Commission in 1963.

He took the NCC to court after he found the federal agency is selling a small portion of the farm to a developer for almost $7 million.

Woodburn says his father was forced to sell for $110,000 and become a tenant on the family homestead.

"We weren't happy that our farm was taken by the Greenbelt. But they told us it was going to be Greenbelt forever. So we had to go along with it because it was an act in the federal Parliament," says Woodburn. "They didn't expropriate that land for development".

Woodburn argues that if the law used to expropriate the farm still existed today, the government would have to offer to sell it back to him.

He has until the end of September to decide whether to launch an appeal.