Anthony Ianiero says his family is devastated by the murder of his parents in Mexico.

Family members of a Toronto-area couple murdered last week in Mexico are calling on Canadian officials to get involved in the investigation into the stabbing deaths.

"We are confident that the Canadian government will help ensure that justice is served," Anthony Ianiero said in a short statement to reporters in Woodbridge, Ont., on Wednesday.

Ianiero's parents were killed last week at a resort in Mexico where they were to attend their daughter's wedding. He referred to them as Dominic and Nancy Ianiero, although the media have been reporting their names as Domenico and Annunziata.

The son said the deaths have been "devastating for our family."

He added the family is "deeply, deeply saddened" and would "draw on the loving strength of our parents."

Mexican police have said their prime suspects in the case are three Canadian women who were staying at the same resort near Cancun.

In the statement, Ianiero said the family would "co-operate with all investigations," and that answering questions surrounding the killings would be a "job for law-enforcement officials, not for us."

The statement also called on Canadian police to work with their Mexican counterparts to make progress in the case.

A family friend also spoke out about the case on Wednesday.

"We never expected such a thing for a lovely couple," Angelo Di Placido told CBC News.

He said he had no confidence in the investigation being conducted by Mexican authorities, and accused them of a coverup.

"The truth has never been put out," he said. "Probably it is because they want to cover their business for tourism or whatever it is."