Kelly Johnston said nothing would replace her husband, Const. Leo Johnston.

A community mourning the loss of four slain RCMP officers lashed out at the Canadian justice system Saturday, saying those who dispatched the officers should have taken the killer's violent past and known hatred of police into account.

A search application shows the Mounties were aware that James Roszko was a volatile man who kept weapons on his farm.

Roszko committed suicide after shooting to death Const. Peter Schiemann, 25; Const. Anthony Gordon, 28; Const. Lionide (Leo) Johnston, 34; and Const. Brock Myrol, 29.

The voiced anger concerns Mayerthorpe Mayor Albert Schalm who doesn't want anyone to target the Roszko family.


Don Schiemann lost his 25-year old son Const. Peter Schiemann.

"I think everybody needs their time to grieve, but the investigation will go on," said Schalm. "Whatever comes out of it, will come out right."

Schalm says he has faith in the RCMP and the way they carry out their duties. He says it appears there is little that could have been done to prevent the deaths of the four officers.

The family of Const. Johnston asked the media Saturday not to focus reports on marijuana grow operations at such a sensitive time, but report on the lives of the men who lost their lives Thursday while on duty.

A news release issued by the Johnston family described Leo as a man who had the "will and determination" to recover from a serious motorcycle accident and join the RCMP.

"Leo was incredibly courageous, determined and driven. Once he set his sights on a goal, nothing could deter him until that goal was achieved," read the release.

Johnston's funeral will be held Friday.

Const. Schiemann, was remembered Saturday as a young man who cared about people and was dedicated to his faith.

Lutheran minister and family friend Rev. Bill Ney described Schiemann as a man who went out of his way to help people in trouble with the law, which earned him the respect and gratitude of those around him.

Schiemann's father, Don, told reporters that his son saw his job as a vocation that God had drawn him towards.

His advice on this day of mourning was simple: don't ever pass up an opportunity to say I love you to your child.

Schiemann's funeral will be held Tuesday.

The RCMP is also planning a memorial service at a later date.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Paul Martin's office said he plans to visit Alberta this week.