Eminem performs at Skydome

American rapper Eminem Thursday night played to a sold out audience at the Skydome, even though Attorney General Jim Flaherty tried to keep him from entering the country.

Valerie Smith, a womens' rights activist, said she thinks his lyrics promote violence against women. She read a sample of his lyrics.

"I invested violence, you vile venomous vomital bitches. Bitch imma kill you. And that's from a song called kill you, so if you substituted bitch with a racial insult, he'd be arrested," she said.

But Professor Rob Bowman of York University said, while he dislikes Eminem's lyrics, he is against censorship.

"When you give a person the power to draw a line, that's a problem. As soon as anyone draws a line, you invest it with power," he said.