Elections Canada is warning voters not to trust anyone but the agency itself about where they should vote on Monday after reports that some voters are being told to go to the wrong polling stations — some up to an hour away from their homes.

Spokeswoman Francine Bastien said Elections Canada has had reports from several ridings of voters being given false information directing them to the wrong place to vote. Most, but not all, are in Ontario. She confirmed Kitchener-Waterloo is one of the affected ridings.

A spokesman for Liberal Anita Neville, who's running for re-election in Winnipeg-South Centre, said they started getting calls from voters on Saturday asking whether their polling stations had changed.

Some reports have said voters are getting phone calls telling them their polling station has changed, but Bastien wouldn't say precisely how people are getting the false information.

"We just want to make sure that both the media and the voters know that there have not been any changes in the voting [locations] ... and that the documents they receive from Elections Canada [and] the Elections Canada website  is the accurate information they should trust in order to vote tomorrow," Bastien said. 

"I don't know the details exactly but I understand they were getting information to the effect that they should vote in different locations, sometimes being referred to locations that were an hour away from their residence."

Bastien says she can't yet address whether the election agency will investigate the false information.