Efford eyes the premier's job.

Fisheries Minister John Efford has officially announced his intentions to run for the leadership of the provincial Liberal party and the premier's job.

Efford resigned his cabinet position to make the run.

"I am looking for a new job. The job I want is leader of the Liberal party of this province and premier."

To hear him tell it, it's a done deal.

"I don't consider this a two-horse race. I'm gonna win this one."

Efford considers himself a man of the people. He packed a room full of family, friends and supporters to prove it.

One supporter said she liked the way Efford conducted himself.

"He's a hard worker. I think he's good at what he does and he'd do a really good job at it."

Efford also had a poll commissioned by his own organizing committee. Perhaps, not surprisingly, the random survey says John Efford is more popular than Roger Grimes and Paul Dicks. They are both considered strong candidates for the position.

Efford's own poll says if he were to square off against favoured Tory candidate Danny Williams in an election, Efford would win!

"I should say not by a few percentage points, but by a major majority," commented Efford.

But, it may not be as simple as the poll would suggest. While Efford may be popular among average voters, it's card-carrying Liberals who will decide the leadership.

In the meantime, Premier Beaton Tulk says cabinet ministers who run for the Liberal leadership do not have to resign from cabinet. In fact, he'd like them to stay.

But, there are rules. Ministers who want to be leader cannot be directly involved in fundraising and they can't make announcements for their departments without approval from the premier.