Youth from across western Canada are learning how to combat climate change at a camp west of Edmonton.

The three-day camp is part of a national program created by the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, which teaches kids how to develop campaigns to fight global warming.

Cameron Fenton, the group's director, said the young people are learning about the politics and cultural influences of climate change.   "What we're trying to do is really create a spark that continues to spread across when it comes to climate change and the human impacts of it and what we call climate justice."

Fenton said part of that training will also involve protest strategies for what he calls non-violent direct action.   "As youth, what we're really gambling with here is our future," he said.

"So we're talking about how we use it to express the anger but do it in a way … that shows what we want to see in the world and sort of taking it that step further."

Fenton hopes some of the youth may take the strategies they've learned at the camp to this year's UN climate meeting in South Africa.