A 10-year-old boy with a rare blood condition is trying to encourage people to donate blood.

Hunter Kuzik of St. Albert has a rare form of anemia and requires a blood transfusion every three weeks.

Kuzik has been sharing his journey this summer through social media with the help of his mother Carrie. They are both hoping that by showing what he has to go through to stay healthy, more people will donate blood. 

“We are posting about all of the adventures that Hunter is going through,” said Carrie Kuzik. “I think it is important to put a face to the cause.”

The Canadian Blood Services agency says that during the summer months, the amount of donated blood drops. In order to keep up with current demand here in Edmonton, they need 1,700 people to donate blood in the next month.

“There are people behind the need for blood,” said Cassandra Deluca with the agency..

“Sometimes that message gets lost and people forget that there are people behind that donation who require constant blood units in order to have a healthy, happy life.”

Kuzik is hoping his message will reach many people.

“Please donate today so kids like me can keep having a good life and keep living their life to the fullest,” said Kuzik.