The snowmobiles were there, as were the crowds, ramps, and X games medalists.

In fact, only one thing was missing from NAIT's Monster Energy Freestyle Snowmobile Show on Friday: the snow.

But, as they say, the show must go on.  

According to Brett Turcotte, one of the athletes performing at the event, snow isn't always necessary for a snowmobile show. 

Brett Turcotte

Brett Turcotte says snow isn't always necessary. (YouTube)

"We put wheels in our skis and can ride around just like a car does," said Turcotte.

"There's no resistance, it's actually pretty fun to throw the wheels on, you can drift around, it becomes a multi-use vehicle." 

After the show Turcotte and fellow rider Heath Frisby took to the Nest Taphouse Grill to tell the crowd stories of success, struggles, and injuries. 

The NAIT Students' Association organized the event, and attendees had the opportunity to win some winter-themed prizes. 

Heath Frisby

Heath Frisby says he finds performing on a snowmobile 'peaceful.' (CBC)

For the people crowded around the parking lot it was a once-in-a-winter show, featuring extreme stunts with a high risk of injury. 

But for Frisby, the man who landed the first ever frontflip at the 2012 Winter X Games, it was just an average weekend. He considers himself lucky to be able to do what he loves to do.  

"When we're jumping, and we're up there it's just peaceful, it's quiet," Frisby said.

"It's just you up there. All you can hear is your heartbeat and the snowmobile, it's nice. "