The World Cup may be happening thousands of kilometres away in Brazil, but the economic benefits are being felt close to home.

Edmonton bars and restaurants showing the games have been packed and soccer merchandise is flying off the shelves at sporting goods stores.

Samara Smith, manager of Eurosport in north Edmonton, says all three locations have sold out of some team jerseys as well as $150 replica World Cup trophies.

“It’s been non-stop. We've sold so many jerseys, it’s been crazy,” she said.

“It’s my third World Cup and it’s obviously the busiest World Cup since I've been here. You can tell the sport has grown tremendously over the years.”

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse held a big event on opening day of the World Cup and has been showing games on TV ever since. 

Spokeswoman Lindsey Dutka says the games have been bringing new customers to the downtown restaurant.     

“It’s just amazing to see. Everyone gets so excited about it, high-fiving each other...all the staff have gotten on board so its just a really exciting atmosphere here.”

The tournament is now down to the final eight teams. The final will take place on July 13.