Workplace safety records go online this fall

The Alberta government promised Tuesday that it will soon release workplace fatality and injury records for nearly every workplace in the province

The Alberta government promised Tuesday it will begin posting workplace fatality and injury records for nearly every workplace in the province.

In June, Employment and Immigration Minister Thomas Lukaszuk said the records would be online by September. On Tuesday, the minister said the records won't be posted until later this fall. For now, people visiting the site will see only a template showing the kind of information coming.

The statistics will come from the Workers Compensation Board and will list the number of lost-time claims, the lost-time claim rate and number of fatalities for each company. 

The province will also provide the Alberta and industry-specific lost-time rates to give people a basis for comparison.

Nearly every employer in Alberta will be in the database, no matter how many employees they have. 

Since the information comes from WCB files, it will list the thousands of companies covered by WCB legislation, which Lukaszuk said makes up 98 to 99 per cent of employers in the province.

"It's comprehensive information that will allow every Albertan to look at a specific employer. It's a searchable database," Lukaszuk said.

Earlier this year, Lukaszuk came under fire from opposition parties for not immediately releasing the names of employers singled out by the auditor general for ignoring workplace safety orders.

Lukaszuk has promised to release those names once he determines that doing so would not break any privacy laws.


  • The original version of this story said that the Workers Compensation Board covers about 160,000 employers in Alberta. In fact, there are about 137,000 employers in Alberta with WCB coverage. Of that number, 125,000 have mandatory coverage. These are the companies whose records will be online this fall.
    Sep 10, 2010 9:30 AM MT