An Edmonton-area woman is trying to get as many as 50 cats who are living in a shack on the Enoch Cree First Nation reserve spayed or neutered and placed in good homes.

The animals are being cared for by a man who lives inside a shelter made of tarps and plywood.

"He's not a cruel man, he's kind," said Janice Dodds. "He brings them in. There's a heater in there to keep them warm."


Janice Dodds has been trying to get the animals spayed or neutered. (CBC)

Dodds says that the man started looking after a couple of stray cats in his shack, but they "just kept having kittens after kittens after kittens" and he is now overwhelmed by the numbers. His dog also just had seven puppies.

The SPCA has determined there is no enforcement issue because the animals have shelter, food and water.

Dodds is trying to get all the cats fixed at the South Edmonton Animal Hospital.  A fundraiser on Sunday helped raise about $1,300 — enough to fix nine cats.

"It's a lot of money but in the bigger picture, it's just a drop in the ocean," she said.

Dodds says that the man is happy to have the animals adopted by new owners. He only wants to keep the dog who just had puppies.