A 19-year-old woman in critical condition after being hit while crossing Jasper Avenue Wednesday night has been identified as an employee at a nearby Earl's restaurant.​

The woman was struck while using the crosswalk at 119th Street, just before 9 p.m.


The crosswalk at Jasper Avenue and 119th Street is marked on the pavement, but there are no warning lights overhead. (CBC)

The crosswalk is marked, but not controlled by flashing warning lights.

Mayor Don Iveson has called for a safety review of the crosswalk.

"I think it's time to take a close look at this intersection," Iveson told reporters on Thursday.

"And so I've asked transportation to look at it immediately for a safety evaluation."

Witnesses told police the woman was hit by a 2013 Nissan Altima as she crossed the street southbound.

Police believe the driver was sober and not speeding. No charges have been laid at this time.

Woman works at Earls' Tin Palace

Earls' Restaurants confirmed that the woman works at their Jasper Avenue restaurant known as Earls' Tin Palace. They will not be releasing her name or position at the restaurant. 

"Senior management from Earls Tin Palace are on site at the hospital offering whatever support we can, head office is prepared to do whatever it takes to help her," company spokeswoman Cate Simpson said in an email to CBC News.

"Our hearts go out to her and her family."

People who live in the area say the crosswalk is dangerous. 

“You always got to keep your hand out and make sure the cars see you as you're walking across," said William Manchuk. "Because most of the times they don't see you."

Rob Sebastian says the city should put up lights since there are a number of new buildings under construction in the area.  

“There's going to be way more pedestrians at this crosswalk at some point, so it needs to be — I don't even think it should be reviewed, it should just be done," he said. 

Iveson said he's received many complaints about that crosswalk and asked about it early in his term as mayor. But transportation officials told him it met all the city's criteria. 

Iveson says council will be having a larger discussion this fall about the standards used by the transportation department for evaluating intersections. 

A report is coming from city administration in response to an inquiry from Coun. Ben Henderson after an incident in Strathearn.