A Camrose woman charged with assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest last summer claims she was afraid for her life a traffic stop. 

Dentist Simona Tibu was pulled over for speeding in August 2013.

Dashboard camera footage from the traffic stop was shown in court on Wednesday. In it, Tibu can be seen being pulled out of her car. She is handcuffed and appears upset.

"I felt I was in a horror movie attack,” she told the court after the video was shown. “I was kidnapped from my car. I felt like my life was in danger.”  

Tibu said she had a panic attack.

“I was never brutalized this way in my entire life ... He pulled me out from a safe place – my car – to a dangerous place – the traffic. I felt my life was not safe."

Now, her lawyer is asking the court to stay the charges. Before Tibu’s trial can go forward, the judge must rule on the stay application in a voir dire, or trial within a trial.

Tibu is expected to take the stand once again Thursday for cross-examination. Then, the sheriff who made the traffic stop in question is expected to testify.

Witness testifies sheriff was violent

The court also heard from Jim Fredericksen, a passing motorist who stopped to help last August.

Frederickson told the court that Tibu was screaming, “Help me, help me.”

At the sheriff's request, Frederickson called 911 and told the dispatcher that "the officer is getting really violent with her now.”

In response to a question from the dispatcher, Frederickson said that he felt the sheriff was using excessive force.

CBC has requested a copy of the video in question.