An Alberta filmmaker went to great lengths to capture the first high-definition video of wolverines — even keeping his frozen urine in sealed jar to keep his scent from the elusive animals.

Andrew Manske shot the video near Grande Prairie, Alta. after spending three weeks in an eight-by-five foot shack in -30C weather.

"What we captured that hasn't been filmed is simply just wild wolverine footage doing what wolverines do,” he said.

“Romping through the snow, climbing trees, going up rock faces and feeding off carcasses and interacting."

Bandit, Brutus and Vanna White are some of the nicknames Manske has given to the wolverines he’s caught on camera.

One he calls Logan gave him a scare one night.

"He instantly started bounding towards the blind and it was like — my God. That looks like a grizzly bear coming right towards me!."

Fortunately, the animal left Manske alone and ran away.

Manske plans to keep filming for two more years and eventually turn his footage into a documentary.