While police are still looking for suspects behind this weekend’s shooting near Whyte Avenue, one woman got far closer to the shooter than she would have liked.

A Yukon woman says she's lucky to have escaped injury after being caught in the middle of a shootout in Edmonton.

Scarlet Knight was in her recreational vehicle near Whyte Avenue and 104th Street Saturday night when she heard a sound she described as a rapid "pop pop pop."

Knight said she didn’t realize immediately what the noises were, or how close to danger she was.

"I heard a whole bunch of shots. I wasn't sure if it was paintball," she said. "I soon realized it wasn't fireworks or paintball or anything like that. It was a gun."

Knight said the shootout took place right next to her RV and ended quickly.

"I saw a kid get into a car, and he had blood all over his back and I could see it was blood red," she said. "It wasn't paintball stuff. They took off right away and there were maybe three more kids running."

Edmonton police have now spoken with one of the victims, who was treated for minor injuries and released earlier on Sunday.

The other remains in hospital in serious but stable condition, said Staff Sgt. Steven Chwok on Sunday.