Win tickets to this weekend's volleyball Olympic qualifier

Send Radio Active your best, funniest and/or most embarrassing stories of your sports gaffes and athletic missteps to win tickets to this weekend's Olympic qualifier in Edmonton.

Share your most embarrassing sports stories to win tickets to the tournament in Edmonton

Canada's men's volleyball team is primed to bump, set and spike its way to its first Olympics in 20 years at a qualifying tournament in Edmonton this weekend. (Frederic Brown/Getty Images)

Want to net yourself free tickets to see some truly great volleyball?

Radio Active will be handing out three pairs of tickets to this weekend's Olympic Volleyball Qualification Tournament at Edmonton's Saville Centre.

How to win:

Send us your best, funniest and/or most embarrassing stories of your sports gaffes and athletic missteps. We can't all be world-class athletes, after all.

Send your stories in by 4 p.m. We'll announce the winner on Friday's episode of Radio Active just after 4:30 p.m.

Sagas of sports fails from the newsroom

To get you started, here are some of the embarrassing stories from our newsroom:

From digital reporter Caitlin Hanson: As a child, I had a knack for scoring on the wrong team — namely, my own. I once scored twice on my own goalie (accidentally) in soccer, and perhaps even worse, made a two-point shot in my own net during one particularly misguided year playing junior high basketball. Oops?

From a producer who wishes to remain anonymous: I didn't ever learn to ski as a child, but decided to give it a try as an adult. We trekked out to Sunshine Mountain where I jumped straight onto the chairlift destined for the top without pausing to take a single lesson. Optimistically, a friend and I took off on a run directly below the chairlift. Heading down, I very quickly took a tumble which quickly turned into a full-on "ass-over-tea-kettle" roll with such velocity and torque that my poor ski pants simply couldn't keep up. I inadvertently ended up mooning everyone on the lift above me.

From online editor Warren Tasker: The year was 2007. I was preparing to do the Five Peaks Trail Run at Terwillegar Park in southwest Edmonton. Here, it's important to note the park is an off-leash area. I arrived early, played with a couple of dogs, and after a few minutes was approached by two white fluffy fur balls. As I bent down to pet them, they both lifted their legs and simultaneously urinated on each of my shoes. The owner came running over, screaming "They don't normally do that." At the time, I held back my profane response and instead said: "That's very comforting." Then I ran the race. Three-quarters of the way through, I took a wrong turn and as a result, much like the Pied Piper, 40 people followed me and we were all disqualified.

Some of your stories

From Cyndi Killingsworth: In the late 60s (I was at that awkward age of 12), I was aspiring to be a swimmer. Money "didn't" grow on trees back in those days as we were often told. While I was aspiring to be swimmer, it seems Mom was aspiring to be a seamstress. What better way to save money than to make me a bathing suit. She was proud of her project. Proud enough to come to my practice that day. First dive into the pool and the bathing suit simply fell off....completely! Mom wasn't as quick rescuing me with a towel as she was in figuring out that she had miscalculated for the "natural" stretch of the fabric when coming into contact with water. Finally got that Speedo!

From Janette McDonald: Last year, while down-hill skiing with my late teen kids  at Fernie: They were ahead and waiting for me at the further down a particularly steep slope, when I fell. I struggled to get up while they watched from below. Then I gave up, and decided to remove my skis and walk down (not realizing how steep it was!) I slipped and slid all the way down to them, totally unable to stop or control anything; until I finally came to a stop at their feet! Ugghhh!

From Heidi W: I was playing volleyball in a big tournament when I was in college. I was playing so intently I didn't notice my shorts slowly sliding down until I went to jump for a big block and found my shorts around my knees when I landed, falling to my butt. I was embarrassed and laughing hysterically... and gave everyone something to laugh about and break the tension of the game.

From Kevin Hardy: I was an 11th grader benchwarmer on the 12th grade volleyball team. The setter was a cocky 12th grade bully. One day before a game he was sitting on the bench cleaning the soles of his volleyball shoes with his legs spread apart awkwardly.  Unfortunately for him, this was the early nineties when school uniform shorts were very short indeed, and boxer shorts were popular.  The whole team including the coach and the female team manager looked on in shocked silent horror as the setter quietly cleaned his shores for a solid 30 seconds... With his genitals hanging out in full spread eagle glory.

From Karen Martin: In grade 9, trying out for our school's city/county final track meet, not paying attention to the other folks who were also trying out for discus. One fellow athlete didn't have a tight enough grip on her discus (and of course I was talking and not paying attention!!). Got hit in the back of the head by a "stray" discus as it "slipped" from her hand....major concussion (even before they were document) and gifted with one of the best grey hair streaks on the back of my head that's "all natural!!"  Even today when I think about it, it makes my ears ring & my teeth hurt!!!  Love volleyball...leaves no scars! Karen Martin

From Greg Hendricks: In university I was trying to impress a young lady who I had recently met by inviting her out to come watch me play soccer. My team, one of the worst in our league, was playing the second best team in the league. It was the last game of the season, and our opponents needed to win by 14 goals in order to win the league. I had volunteered to play in goal that day. Our team didn't score any goals, but can you guess how many our opposition got past me? Yep - 14 on the nose to win the league... But who really was the winner that day? The pretty young girl that I invited to watch me play is now my wife of 15 years and counting. I guess being a star in sports isn't everything... ;)


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