Wildrose raises a record $2.1M in 2011

Alberta's Wildrose Party says it raised a record sum for an opposition party.
Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith says the party raised a record amount of cash in 2011. (CBC)
Alberta's Wildrose Party raised more than $2.1 million in 2011, almost doubling the $1.4 million it raised in 2010.

"Our year-over-year donations have increased by more than 50 percent from 2010," party leader Danielle Smith told an Edmonton audience Thursday night. Smith told supporters the cash rolling into the party's coffers is a clear sign that Wildrose "is giving voice to thousands of everyday Alberta families who feel that the PC government and Premier Redford are out of touch, and only out for themselves."

There is speculation Premier Alison Redford could be poised to call a provincial election sooner rather than later.

Smith told supporters her job is to turn Alberta back to its democratic roots: "One that strengthens our common-sense values, deeply-rooted in personal liberty: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of assembly and economic freedom.

"As Premier, I will restore our democracy, champion our true environmental record, fix health care, entrench property rights, affirm parents' right to choose the education they want for their kids, and balance the books."