Fake signs bearing Premier Alison Redford’s name were posted around the Alberta legislature on Tuesday to mock the way the government advertises construction of infrastructure projects.

The posters put up by Wildrose staff members look like the real signs but bear messages like “Building Alberta —moving dirt” and "Building Alberta — buying toilet paper."

Wildrose posters

Posters mocking the Redford government's Building Alberta signs were put up around the legislature on Tuesday. (CBC)

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says the fake signs raise some serious issues that the government needs to address. 

“They're spending tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars ,on a sign campaign with PC party colours with the name of the premier on it,” she said.

“It doesn't look like they're trying to advertise their Building Alberta agenda. It looks like they're trying to build up the premier in advance of her leadership vote.”

Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk said the government makes no excuses for advertising that money is being spent on infrastructure and he accused the Wildrose of being politically immature.

“If they find that building infrastructure for Albertans is funny and worth gimmicks, let them focus on gimmicks,” he said.

“We will focus on building Alberta."

Many of the signs were taken down by legislature staff.