Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson is facing questions about what he said to an Alberta sheriff after parking in the premier's spot at the legislature Tuesday night.

Anderson told reporters on Wednesday that he didn't know his vehicle was in Alison Redford's parking stall until the sheriff stopped him as he ran inside.

"I thought [the sheriff] was a little overly-aggressive in her tone. I said that I would be contacting her superior because of that," Anderson said on Wednesday.

"I went and moved my car and that's basically it. There were no harsh words and there was nothing else spoken."

But the cabinet minister in charge of Alberta sheriffs disagrees with Anderson's interpretation. Solicitor General Jonathan Denis says Anderson was the aggressor in this case, according to the report filed by the sheriff.

"I think that we, as public servants, we have to treat everybody with respect," Denis said. "We are servants to the public, not the other way around. I think that the most appropriate thing to do would just be apologietic to the particular sheriff."

Tensions have been running high at the Alberta legislature in the days leading up to the spring election which many believe will be called on Monday.