The Wildrose Party wants Albertans to send in their designs for the province’s new licence plate.  

The three official designs have been controversial since they were unveiled last week, prompting complaints that they are uninspired and ugly.

Airdrie Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson describes the government options as having to choose between lima beans, chopped liver and brussel sprouts.

“We’d like to put some steak on the menu and actually give Albertans some good choices,” he said.

The contest also plays off the controversy over the origin of the designs. The province got them for free from U.S. company 3M, angering Alberta designers who said there should have been a call for submissions.

Anderson says the Wildrose competition is open to anyone in Alberta who wants to submit a design. People have until Aug. 3 to enter. People can vote for their favourites until the winning design is decided on Aug. 19.

“We hope that at the end, we’ll have a licence plate that the government of Alberta could use as a possibility, something that was made for Albertans, by Albertans and is far more creative and aesthetically pleasing than we currently have now,” Anderson said.

The Wildrose plans to donate $2,500 to the winning designer’s charity of choice.

With the party in opposition, the design won’t likely make it on vehicles across the province.

But Anderson said if his party forms the next government in 2016, they’d be willing to pay for the rights to the winning design.