The Wildrose Party dominated when it came to raising donations during the April provincial election, taking in more money than the rest of the parties combined, new documents from Elections Alberta show.

The Wildrose brought in more than $3 million in donations during the election, almost twice as much as the $1.6 million in revenue raised by the Conservatives.

Still, the Tories vastly outspent the Wildrose, pouring $4.6 million into the contest.

The Wildrose was left with $29,000 left over.

Party leader Danielle Smith says the numbers show who spends wisely.

"We look at the party finances as being an indication to the public of how we would run government," said Smith.

"We ran a surplus and the government ran a massive deficit and look what we're seeing this year as well."

The Conservative Party says the $3 million deficit will be paid from savings.

The Tories won 61 seats in the spring election compared to the Wildrose’s 17.

NDP Leader Brian Mason, whose party raised $517,000 and spent $654,000, says the Conservative Party’s expenses show they were worried about the outcome of the election.

"They were pretty scared, weren't they?  They were pretty nervous. It's obvious that they barely hung on by the skin of their teeth and they threw a huge amount of money at it.

"Money talks in elections and I think that's why we need further election financing reform in this province," he said.

The Liberal Party raised the least money, $112,000, and ended the campaign $38,000 in the red.


PartySeats WonMoney RaisedMoney SpentCost Per Seat
Progressive Conservatives61$1.6M$4.7M$77,049
Liberal 5$112,000$150,000$30,000
NDP 4$517,000$654,000$163,500