Loreena Meer is shown in a tunnel outside the Edmonton courthouse Monday. ((CBC))

The wife of accused criminal mastermind Jonathan David [Dave]

Meer staunchly defended her husband in an Edmonton courtroom Monday.

Meer is on trial for 15 criminal charges, including arson and extortion. He is accused of coming up with the plot to target his former business associates, and having his son and his son's friends act as "foot soldiers" to carry out the acts.

Meer's lawyer asked Loreena Meer, 45, to explain a list of names in a day timer which had been entered as evidence.

She called it her "Bad Person List" – a list of names, numbers, and addresses for "everybody who ever did anything wrong to us.  Sued us.  Owed us money."

The names on that list included four business associates.

In 2007, the associates were targeted by firebombing, arson or had the windows of their homes shot out.

On the stand, Loreena Meer did not mince words, describing one man as  "probably the most low-life piece of crap you could ever come across."

But she staunchly defended her husband.  She insisted he had nothing to do with going after those people on the list.

Wife denies helping son flee

Police are looking for Meer's son, Christopher, in connection with the same case. They believe he fled to the United States or Mexico.


Jonathan David (Dave) Meer is shown in a court sketch. ((CBC))

The court heard evidence last week from Dave Meer that his son Christopher told him that he and a friend were responsible for setting fire to the homes and shooting out the windows.

On the witness stand, Loreena Meer was asked if she talked to her son about his admission.

"What was I going to say to him? What was there to discuss?" she replied.

Meer also denied a suggestion by Crown prosecutor Susan Mulligan that she helped her son flee the country.

"You're in a difficult position," Mulligan said. "You don't want him here because if he came and told the truth, your husband would go to jail."

Loreena Meer denied that suggestion, as colour rose in her face.

The trial continues Tuesday.