Dylan McGillis

Dylan McGillis was stabbed to death on Whyte Avenue in November 2007. (CBC)

An Edmonton man charged with helping to kill Dylan McGillis during a fight on Whyte Avenue six years ago confessed to his role to undercover officers posing as criminals in a "Mr. Big" sting, a trial heard.

Cliff Decoine-Zuniga shared what he called his "top, top secret" during what he thought was a meeting with a crime boss in an Edson hotel room two years ago. 

He admitted to beating Dylan McGillis in November 2007 outside a Whyte Avenue bar.

Decoine-Zuniga was targeted in the police sting after being labelled a suspect in the killing.

Four years after the stabbing, undercover officers convinced Decoine-Zuniga he had to share a big secret to be accepted by the crime boss.

He told them "That white kid ... I can't even remember his name ... that kid who died like four years ago ... that was me and my buddy who did that."

He said they ran after McGillis.

"I started beating him while my buddy gutted him. And then I just kept stomping him while he got stabbed."

Members of McGillis' family cried softly in the courtroom as they listened to the tape made by the undercover officer.

The judge will decide if evidence gathered during the sting will be admitted to the trial in the manslaughter case.

With files from cBC's Janice Johnston