A new city report says speed limits on Whitemud Drive should stay at 80 km/hr despite calls to increase it.

While the design of the road could handle a speed limit of 90 km/hr, factors like traffic congestion, noise and the number of exits and on-ramps have led administration to advise against an increase

“In conclusion, the above traffic safety data and analysis confirms that Whitemud Drive has a significantly greater number of collisions than comparable similar roads,” the report states.

“This  traffic safety assessment does not support any change in the present posted speed limit.”

Drivers who spoke with CBC News on Thursday were divided on the issue.

Donna Milton believes the 80 km/hr speed limit makes no sense on a straight, open road.

"I feel like I'm crawling on the Whitemud,” she said.  

Jehan Khan believes that the speed limit should stay the same.

"Increasing speed limits, there may be potential for accidents and other things,” he said.

Councillors will discuss the report at next week’s transportation committee meeting.