Edmonton veterans are considering legal action to stop the sale of white poppy emblems.

The Earth's General Store on Whyte Avenuehas been selling white poppies during the week leading up to Remembrance Day.


Store owner Michael Kalmanovitch says the white poppies symbolize the hope for peace. ((CBC News))

Owner Michael Kalmanovitch says the poppies promote a message of peace.

However, aveteran with theRoyal Canadian Legion says thewhite poppiesare an insult and may infringe onthe legion'strademark.

"The use of the poppy in any other colour other than in blood red is a disservice and dishonour to all our fallen dead, the past and our latest veterans," said Robert Torrie, spokesman for the Kingsway Legion, Branch 175.

Store will continue to sell poppies

Kalmanovitch says he'll continue to sell white poppies despite the legal threat.

"I mean it's a little bit un-Canadian that somebody has a trademark on the poppy. It would be like having a trademark on the rose in Alberta or the beaver.…It's just bizarre," said Kalmanovitch.

Edmonton Women in Black, an anti-war group, is also selling the poppies.

"We thought that it would be a really good idea to bring attention to the importance of peace at this time. We didn't think in any way the two types of poppies were at odds," said spokeswoman Barbara Sykes.

Kalmanovitchpurchases them from Britain's London-based Pledge Peace Union. According to the organization's website, the white poppy dates back to 1933.

"The White Poppy symbolizes the belief that there are better ways to resolve conflicts than killing strangers," states the website.