What should K in K-Days stand for?

Edmonton's summer fair will be called K-Days next year. But the CBC's John Robertson wonders what the K stands for.
Edmonton's summer fair goes back to being called K-Days. But what does the K stand for? 2:04

This is the last year Edmonton's summer fair will be known as Capital Ex.

The fair is going back to its old name of K-Days, after it was selected by the majority of people that took part in an online vote.

While many think K-Days is simply the shortened version of Klondike Days, Northlands says that isn't the case.

"K does not stand for Klondike," said Northlands spokeswoman Jennifer Sheehan. Her organization has now hired a consultant to figure out a theme for next year's event.

So what should the K stand for? The CBC's John Robertson tackled that question in this report.