Tomorrow is the longest day of the year with nearly 17 hours of sunlight in this part of the world.

Whether you’re at National Aboriginal Day celebrations, shopping at the farmer’s market, or reading a book in your backyard, organizers of the YEG Long Day project want to know what you’re doing.  

They want people to submit tweets, posts, videos and pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr using the hashtag #yeglongday.

Everything can also be followed on the project’s website at

“The idea is to build a kind of community over the course of the day,” said Maureen Engel, one of the founders of YEG Long Day and a Digital Humanities professor at the University of Alberta.

“We hear a lot about how social media is something that alienates people…and one of the things that an event like this really shows is that it’s also a way that people actually are brought together.”

Engel spoke to the CBC’s John Archer about the project on Friday’s Edmonton AM. Click on the image to watch the interview.