Six businesses were destroyed in an early morning fire at a strip mall at 156th Street and 95th Avenue.

The fire started shortly after 6 a.m Friday., but it took about 50 firefighters to get control of the fire at around 7:30 a.m.

A major concern for firefighters was protecting the gas station next to the mall.

The busy intersection was closed to traffic for most of the morning.

Little was left of the businesses in the 8,000 square-foot Sandy Lane Shopping Centre.

"I'm just in shock now," said salon owner Darlene Primrose. "Your business, your whole life is gone. It's going to take a long time to rebuild it. All your files, everything is out of there."

The fire also destroyed a liquor store, a meat and deli shop, a Vietnamese restaurant, a dog groomer, a manicurist's shop, and the salon.  

One nearby resident described the mall as a gathering place.

"The senior citizens in the neighbourhood, that's part of their routine," said Dave Ringnalda. "It's going to sad for them for a while until we can get this rebuilt."

No word yet on what might have caused the fire.