Wellnext building healthy workplaces

Wellnext's co-founder and C.E.O, Sam Jenkins, says they're building technology to help employers focus on their most important asset: people.

Software that plugs into corporate computing systems promotes healthy lifestyle

Wellnext's Sam Jenkins is a first time entrepreneur, who says he's not sure he could return to working for others. (CBC)

Sam Jenkins says his company builds technology that helps employers focus on their most important asset:  people.

Jenkins and business partner Estyn Edwards left steady jobs to found Wellnext.

It all started when they were approached by a client asking them to create a wellness portal for their company. 

"They came to us, we came up with a number of options and Wellnext was born," Jenkins said. 

Wellnext is a software that plugs into corporate cloud-computing systems and promotes healthy lifestyle choices.   Customers set up their employees into the portal and it's just click on go.

Some of the features include: weight loss and fitness challenges, nutrition,and volunteerism in the workplace.

While Jenkins has a commerce degree from the University of Alberta, Edwards has a degree in computer science. Together they feel their combined skills make the perfect business partnership. 

Wellnext is Jenkins' first time out as an entrepreneur and now he doesn't think he can go back to working for somebody else.

He also commends Edmonton for being an ideal place to set up a business. 

"People in Edmonton want Edmonton to succeed,'' Jenkins said.