A water main break on 124th street flooded several businesses and turned a busy intersection into a soggy mess early Friday morning. 

"We noticed that the road was gone, and then it was a lake. And then it was a running river," said David Waldron, who lives above the hair salon that his wife owns on 124 Street and 108th Ave.

"First thought was, ‘Oh my God, the hair salon has been flooded.’"

Waldron says around two inches of water surrounded the building. Since the salon is raised a few inches off the ground, it was able to escape being flooded.

He fears that neighbouring businesses may not be so lucky.

"It came over the curb, it was probably about 4 inches on the sidewalk. It would have been considered a good-flowing stream at that point. "

Workers in the nearby Tiramisu Bistro spent some of the morning cleaning up the water that leaked into their business.

EPCOR crews are working to clean up the water.