A state of emergency has been declared by the Paul Band west of Stony Plain because of a brush fire raging out of control. ((CBC))

A series of fires on the Paul Band Reserve west of Stony Plain is threatening homes and has prompted officials to call in water bombers as well as firefighting personnel, the RCMP said Tuesday.

"We had a fire over the weekend which we had controlled," said Dennis Paul, who speaks for the band. '[Today] the fire rekindled itself because of a dry wind. It’s really really hot out here."

The water bombers are being assisted by a helicopter, Paul said, and people have been evacuated from about 60 homes to ensure they're not injured during the firefighting efforts.

Firefighters are conducting strategic burns to keep the flames away from the homes, he said.

"Where it’s hazardous with forest growing too close to the homes, they’re in the back, they’re on the roofs, they’re wetting everything down."

Some residents have been put up in local motels, he said, as a further health precaution because of the smoke.

"It's all being carried out in an orderly, strategic manner right now," he said.