A new centre where street people can take refuge from the cold has opened up on Edmonton's south side.

The Neighbour Centre, located at 72nd Avenue and 104th Street, is open every night between 6 and 10 p.m.

"People who are chronically homeless, come in and warm themselves to get a cup of coffee, have a friendly chat with the staff, to grab a sandwich or a bun," said Pete Ages with Edmonton Homeward Trust. 

"There's going to be showers available for them so they can take a shower, get cleaned up, give them back some of their dignity, give them some of their hope, to provide some of the basic needs."

Faith-based organizations like the Strathcona Baptist Church are providing funds for the project, to help with the growing number of homeless people in the south side, who don't go downtown where most of the services are.

"The fact that there is some support and services for them on the south side is important," said Homeward Trust CEO Susan McGee.

Staff at the centre plan to refer people to other agencies that can find housing or help with addictions.