Rapidly warming temperatures in Edmonton has caused flooding in two schools.

Meltwater from snow built up on the roofs has caused major problems at Ekota and Brander Gardens Schools amounting to thousands of dollars in damages.

David Olham is the head custodian at Ekota School in southeast Edmonton. He was working Saturday when the water started coming down.

“One [teacher] came looking for me to tell me there was a leak going on in the hallway, and that was the beginning of the disastrous results.”

“Well, the school is old … and the roofing is in need of some repair,” he said.

“There's a couple of cracks in the roof. It's a flat roof with tar and gravel. And it's just aged, that’s all I can say.”

Edmonton Public School Board sent a crew out to clean off the roof and fix the leak. They say they’ve decreased the amount of damage but it could still be a costly fix.

Brander Gardens Flooding

The floor of one classroom at Brander Gardens is covered in a shallow layer of water. (Gary Moore/CBC)

“There’s a lot of damage a lot of dollars, is all I can say,” said Olham.

In the southwest of the city, Brander Gardens principal Lyndi Karponik said the water damage was extensive.

“There's quite a bit of water in the school,” she said Saturday.

“There is damage in our library. Some of our computers had water on them, and there's damage in some of our classrooms as well. Library resources as well have been damaged.”

Despite the leaks, officials from both schools said everything will be cleaned up in time for classes to resume on Monday.